2016 Cohort

The Colorado Nonprofit Social Enterprise Exchange has spent the last few months promoting the 2016 Social Enterprise Cohort, reviewing applications, and working with a volunteer selection team of community nonprofit experts to choose the 2016 Cohort. Prior to the application deadline, we worked with number of organizations to help them determine if they were ready and had the capacity to apply for the 2016 Cohort or whether they should further develop their internal capacity and readiness over the next year and apply in 2016.

Following several months of engagement with our nonprofit community, we are excited to announce the 2016 Colorado Nonprofit Social Enterprise Cohort starting in January:

The Arc of Aurora Crisis Center
Colorado Youth Matter Work Options For Women

We believe the variety in types and sizes of organizations and the challenges inherent in such a diverse mix of organizations will maximize the benefits of and outcomes from our peer-learning environment. Their interests in developing sustainable sources of income and creating jobs for their clients and communities are a common bond that we look forward to helping them develop over the next two years on their way to launching their new social ventures.

Special Thanks to the 2016 Social Enterprise Cohort Selection Team:

Tom Brinegar, PEAK Resources, Inc., Board Member, Colorado Nonprofit Loan Fund

Catherine Henry, Work Options for Women, 2015 Cohort Business Mentor

Amy Pulver, Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit & Relations, Representative, The Denver Foundation Economic Opportunity Committee

Brenda Roush, The Gathering Place, 2013-14 Cohort Graduate

Carolyne Shultz, Denver Urban Ministries, 2015 Cohort Graduate