About Us

Sustainable Nonprofits

Welcome to the Colorado Nonprofit Social Enterprise Exchange (The Exchange); a place where people like you (innovators, creatives, social entrepreneurs and visionaries) come to learn about, share, enhance, develop, finance, and launch sustainable revenue projects and businesses for their nonprofit organizations.

The Exchange supports nonprofits in building more sustainable, unrestricted sources of funding allowing for more flexibility in meeting their missions and supporting economic opportunity in low-income communities through the creation of businesses that train and employ clients. Our experienced team interSector Partners, L3C and JVoyles Nonprofit Consulting believes that a comprehensive, in-depth approach to earned revenue development leads to greater success and longevity in delivery of these programs and ventures.

The Exchange is a comprehensive program that meets nonprofits where they are and works with them along the path to developing new revenue options and social enterprises in support of mission.

You are visiting us because you think differently, you see what’s possible. We’re glad you’re here and we look forward to getting to know you.