2016 Exchange Cohort FAQs

    • My organization’s budget is lower than $250,000; can we still apply (or) are we still eligible to apply?

      Our goal is to pick a cohort of organizations that are financially stable. If you are concerned, please contact us to discuss your organization’s budget and whether you’ll be a good fit for the Cohort.

    • Are we required to have a social enterprise idea formed/ready to go in order to apply?

      No, organizations do not need a social enterprise idea to apply for the Cohort.

    • How many people have to attend each cohort session? Is everyone required to attend every cohort session?

      Two staff and two board members is a recommendation (not a requirement) in order to institutionalize the knowledge and skills learned in the Cohort sessions. Ideally, each organization will have learned the skills and tools necessary to consider additional social enterprises in the future. We will provide the complete schedule in advance so that the representatives from your organization can plan accordingly. Everyone on your team does not have to attend every session, however, the expectation is at least two of your team members will attend every session.

    • Due to work schedules, we cannot guarantee 2 board members will make each session; can we still apply?

      Yes. We understand board members are volunteers and most will have work responsibilities. We will provide the complete schedule in advance so that the representatives from your organization can plan accordingly. We have found from our first two Cohorts that organizations that get the most out of the Cohort have at least one board member attend each session.

    • Who from my organization should attend?

      The Cohort model is intended to teach each organization the knowledge, skills and tools needed to consider any social enterprise idea. Our goal is to “teach you to fish.” Also, building a social enterprise takes 100% commitment from the board, executive leadership and staff. Therefore we recommend each organization develop a social enterprise team consisting of executive leadership, staff and board which achieves both of our objectives; institutionalizing the knowledge, skills and tools and organization-wide commitment. Each organization should choose the best individuals that can achieve these two objectives.

    • Is there any way to spread out the $8,000 fee over a few months?

      Yes. We understand this is a significant financial investment for many organizations and we will work with any organization on payment plans.

    • My organization does not have an audit or financial review. Can we still apply?

      Yes. Please submit three years of board approved Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements in place of the audit or financial review.

    • My organization has not completed a strategic plan. Can we still apply?

      The strategic plan provides the Cohort Selection Team with your organization’s road map and how social enterprise fits into this road map. An organization work plan may also provide similar information. If your organization does not have a strategic plan or work plan, please contact Caryn, Rick or Julie to discuss your organization’s readiness to pursue social enterprise.


I am feeling the love, and am on a high from our pitch day, and overall from my experience the past 8 months. It was a welcome journey this year to a part of the group and the whole process. I looked forward to our meetings every month as a way to rejuvenate and remind myself why I do what I do. I feel like I have new energy for what lies ahead for me and GIMD. Social Enterprise has been a dream of mine for our girls for a very long time and it’s so exciting to see it all come to life.

Thank you.

Monica Villalobos, Director of Programs
Girls, Inc. of Metro Denver
Denver, Colorado
[Cohort #1 Graduate]

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