Inaugural Cohort

Our Inaugural Cohort


Eight nonprofits were selected through a competitive process to participate in the first Colorado Nonprofit Social Enterprise Cohort:




Each organization’s social enterprise team included 3-4 people, yet the reach extended well beyond these core teams as the organizations did the research and work needed to create and launch their businesses. These nonprofits continue to bring significant human and capital power to the table in support of their new businesses. The 2013 cohort, by the numbers:

Participating nonprofits: 8
Core attendees at each monthly session: 24-32
Total number of board members: 93
Total number of full-time staff: 162
Total number of part-time staff: 38
Total 2013 Budget of cohort participants: $37,280,000
Total Assets held by cohort participants:* $40,626,953
Total Current Assets held by cohort:* $11,735,660
*does not include CHAI which is a program of Children’s Hospital