2013-2014 Results

Understanding our outcomes – and those of the social ventures created through The Exchange – is a top priority for The Exchange team and our generous supporters.

From customer satisfaction surveys following social enterprise workshops to process evaluations designed to help our team understand how well the cohort program is working, we are continually tracking, measuring and analyzing our work. But, we don’t simply measure – we also prioritize sharing what we’ve learned and achieved.

Some key outputs and outcomes from our first full year of programming include:

  • Over 100 people representing 70+ organizations attended and gained knowledge of their social enterprise readiness
  • 8 nonprofits started and completed the 8-month 2013-2014 Social Enterprise Cohort
  • 40 people representing the 8 participating nonprofits attended, learned and networked at the monthly sessions
  • 8% of cohort attendees expressed that they felt capable or fully capable of their knowledge and skills to develop a social enterprise after graduating from the cohort
  • 3% of cohort attendees indicated that the concepts they learned and skills they gained will contribute to overall effectiveness and efficiency of their organization

 The external evaluator for the 2013-2014 Social Enterprise Cohort concluded:

“This is a program with high promise, not only for the acquisition and application of social enterprise knowledge and skills, but also for influencing and changing the culture and performance of the nonprofit sector.”

Learn more about the 2013-2014 Program and Cohort by downloading our report here:

2013-2014 Exchange Report Cover

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