Our Resources

Here are some resources that we hope will help you in your social enterprise journey. If you have questions, thoughts, ideas and want to talk, please do not hesitate to send email or give us a call!

Organizational Characteristics and Readiness (pdf)

Assets and Opportunities Worksheet (pdf)

Strategically Considering Social Enterprise (pdf)

Social Enterprise Definitions (pdf)

Social Enterprise Resources (pdf)

Social Enterprise Case Studies (pdf)


Additional Resources

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2016 Social Enterprise Financing Survey for Colorado – Fall 2016

2016 Social Enterprise Financing in Colorado

For Love or Lucre

A veteran social entrepreneur provides a guide to those who are thinking through the thorny question of whether to create a nonprofit, a for-profit, or something in between.

For Love or Lucre Cover

Effective Social Enterprise – A Menu of Legal Structures

Effective Social Enterprise - Wexler_Cover


The Limits of Social Enterprise – A Field Study and Case Analysis

The Limits of Social Enterprise_Cover


Social Enterprise 2.0: Moving toward a sustainable model

Social Enterprise 2.0_Cover

If The Shoe Fits: Nonprofit or For-Profit? The Choice Matters.

Cynthia Gair
Published in December 2005 but some interesting insights here!

If the Shoe Fits_Cover