Social Enterprise Articles

Social Enterprise Articles


July 21, 2015:

Citing a growing number of collaborations among museums, for-profit galleries, art dealers, and corporations, a Los Angeles Times art critic laments what he terms the “relentless” commercialization of nonprofit cultural institutions.
Art Museums Succumbing to the Lure of Commerce

July 7, 2015

In the first large-scale, quantitative study of nascent social entrepreneurs, researchers from Harvard Business School and Echoing Green examine the rise of hybrid organizations that combine aspects of nonprofits and for-profits and the challenges hybrids face as they attempt to integrate traditionally separate organizational models.
In Search of the Hybrid Ideal

Lisa Johanon is a serial entrepreneur in Detroit, a city that can crush the spirit of business owners. Between her eight (soon to be nine) businesses, she’s learned about the reproductive habits of fish, the centrifugal power of washing machines, and the PR benefits of a visit by the first lady. Not all the enterprises are profitable, but each is aimed at her bottom line: contributing to the revitalization of one of Detroit’s most troubled neighborhoods.

Detroit Nonprofit Powers Through Recession With Diversified Revenue

In cities all around the world, entrepreneurs are gathering to discuss the flubs, flops, and fiascos that punctuate their careers.
Thriving on Failure