The Exchange training series offers something for everyone, from program and fundraising staff to administrators, executives and board members. From our flagship training programs (outlined below) to sessions customized for your staff, board, geographic or subject area, we make it our business to provide the most relevant, practical and fun workshops that help you learn, develop skills and build a network of other nonprofit professionals seeking new and innovative ways of meeting their missions.

A sampling of our training program and upcoming sessions includes:

Getting Started with Social Enterprise (3-4 hour session): An introductory session that helps your nonprofit learn the basics of social enterprise, understand the challenges and opportunities and explore your readiness to consider whether a social enterprise is right for you. We’ll help you develop the tools and work with your nonprofit to take the next steps toward determining if a social enterprise may be right for you.

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Getting Started Social Enterprise Extended Version (7-8 hours): Taking the next step toward social venture development, the Extended Version (201-level) includes highlights and expanded information from the introductory level and walks nonprofits through the process for developing your own social enterprise. You will leave with a deepened understanding of your organizational readiness, assets that can be leveraged in response to community/market needs, early stage venture ideas and even some preliminary market research on your ideas!

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Strategic Use of Capital to Kickstart Your Next Program or Venture (3-hour session): Nonprofits have more funding and financing options available to them than ever before. How does a nonprofit that’s used to relying on grants and donations leverage the power these capital sources to create positive social change? This 101-session will cover a range of financing and funding tools such as Program-Related Investments, social impact bonds, debt and equity investment opportunities, revenue/royalty rights. We’ll share how the various tools work, when they might be right for you and where you can access various capital sources.

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Capital Sources for Social Enterprise Start-up, Growth and Replication: 201-level session in development.

Getting Ready to Scale Your Social Enterprise: Session for advanced-level practitioners in development.

Customized trainings: Contact Caryn Capriccioso at 303.596.7112 or caryn at to discuss a customized workshop for your staff or board.

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